Spot wireless remote control clitoral stimulator couple sex toys

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Sex toy dildo vibrator sex toy female marriage partner G clitoral stimulator wireless wearable device %% vibrator, 100 kinds of waterproof, 77 vibration vibration mode, 7 frequency vibration and ergonomic design will keep jumping yin and yin and G-spot help , You reach orgasm. Feel free to switch modes to enjoy at a speed that suits your love, and more exciting game options.
USB charging cable*1
Instruction Manual*1
G-spot vibrator, suction vibrator
Medical silicone, safe and reliable to use
Net weight: 253g
Power supply: built-in battery, USB charging
Noise level: <50db
Product size: L140*D113mm*38mm
How to use pigments:
1. Power button in seconds 3. Turn on the vibrator.
2. The lighted power button lights up for 3 seconds.
3. Press "+" or "-" remote vibrator.
The double-action vibrator stimulates her G-spot while massaging the clitoris in a unique way
The product has one motor to stimulate the pedicle, and the other motor is nerve stimulation.
It is suitable for changing the vibration frequency through the button power on the device or the "+" or "-" on the paint.

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