Rechargeable and waterproof oversized toy, suitable for advanced users

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Wireless disinfection: 10 minutes available lighting, one-button design, simple operation. 10 different settings. Feel the pill when using it.

Large size: 7.8*1.5 inch large butt plug with super function
Powerful flared suction cup
USB fast charging
Because of the special silent design
Work within a distance of up to 30 feet

How to use:
Replenish pinholes when charging.
Use light:
1. Keep product notice 3 and the light is on. (Please note that the project highlights are used in this step)
2. Quick spray to make the product work and change the vibration mode (please make sure the lighting is also fully charged)

USB charging, no battery required, lasts 1 hour.
1. It is not because of low output, please use your mobile phone to charge your device using the data cable, which is charged through the computer's USB port.
2. When charging, the white light glows, and the light is always on after full charge.
Please note: the product will not work during charging, please unplug the cable before starting.

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