Masturbators for Men Automatic Sucking Telescopic Rotating Real Vagina Pocket Pussy Blowjob

Color: type 1 black
Sale price$129.99


Is my package sent in secret?

Yes, all packages are privately packaged, 100% discreet packing,there will be no sensitive words on the packages, Nobody knows what it is included,please rest assured to buy

What are the features of this product?

This masturbation cup has three functions:Rotate. Telescopic. Sucking

When your sexual energy is sufficient and cannot be released, you need to find a healthy and safe way to masturbate to help you deal with sexual satisfaction, release energy, satisfy yourself, and enjoy sexual pleasure and release.

Do you have real feelings?

Real skin touch, no peculiar smell, inductive interactive sound, real person calling the bed, beautiful shape, appropriate combination of vibration and sound, It is recommended to apply lubricant before use for better results. The soft inner sleeve has a unique texture to simulate real and lets the man get more enjoyment out of masturbation while training his cock to last longer during penetration.The warm and moist feeling makes you feel the real touch of the human body, which is unexpected pleasure.

How to clean?

1. Take out the built-in colloid.rinse it repeatedly under the faucet to clean it.

2. For deep cleaning, use shower gel, hand sanitizer or soap to clean and rinse

3. After cleaning, the water outside the mold and the inside of the channel must be wiped dry to ensure that the product soft glue is clean and dry

4. Put talcum powder, put it back in the cup, and put the colloid in place。

Please Note!!!

1.Please charge before use,

2. It is forbidden to use massage oil, hand cream, cleanser or other oils instead of lubricants

3. If the masturbation cup cannot vibrate, please check whether the power is sufficient. After the product is turned on, it will automatically shut down after 5 minutes in a static state.


1. Masturbation Cup *1

 2. Instruction Manual *1,

 3. USB Charging Cable*1,

 4. Free heater,free lubricants

 5. Headphones*1  (The sexy sounds will not be released, the attached headphones let you enjoy this happy secret alone).

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