AV Magic Wand Vibrator for Women Clitoris Stimulator Multi Speeds Vibrators

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Make her fall in and be fascinated little by little

  • Linear Frequency Conversion

  • Strong Vibration

  • Rechargeable via USB

  • Extremely Mute < 50db


Unique Thumbstick Design

Intimate games with her are funnier than computer games

Linear Frequency Conversion

Everyone's sensation is different. This design makes it possible to change the frequency little by little so that everyone can find the most comfortable vibration.

What Product Reviewers Said

Strong Vibration

Super motor supplies powerful and stable vibrations

6 Playing Modes

Extremely Mute

360°bending head - Conveniently adjust the angle

Larger head - Touch several sensitive spots at the same time

Indicator light - Different color light for each mode, memorize the mode you love

USB recharging - Reusable and fast charging

Product Attributes

Button Instructions


Push up/down - Adjust the frequency
Push left/right - Change the mode

On/Off Button

Long press by 3 seconds - Turn on/off

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