Automatic Man Masturbator 7 Telescopic Vibrator Vibrator For Men Pocket Pussy

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The quietest self-retracting masturbation toy ever, won't let you down, highly recommended! ! !

【Fully Automatic Telescopic Throttle Function】This automatic stroker provides a multi-mode telescopic function and throughput massage function to stimulate the penis, you will feel different stimulation at different vibration frequencies and peristaltic frequencies. The men stroker will give you the most stimulating orgasm with the most powerful telescopic mode and vibration mode.

【Realistic 3D Channel】The auto strokers with soft rubber and the elastic opening are suitable for all sizes of penises. The mens automatic stroker with 3D channel design gives you and the glans a more realistic vaginal feel. This male masturbator feels soft and elastic, the spiral clip in the middle of the channel has strong stretching and contracting force, and the deep wrapping suction cup cushions the uterus to swallow your glans so that every time your penis goes in and out will experience satisfying stimulation.

【Super quiet design】

We have upgraded the vibration motor and motor, added noise reduction technology to make the sound of the motor rotation smaller, and added softening glue to the telescopic track, which is safe and makes the product more quiet during the telescopic process. I think it is the best ever Quiet Telescopic Toy

【5 Kingdoms Royal Sister coital vocalizations】This strokers for men has 5 countries Royal Sisters coital vocalizations.

【Easy to Use and Clean】The interior of the auto stroker for men is made of high-quality TPE material, which is soft and elastic. When you're done using it, simply twist the inner notch and remove the magnetic inner trough on the bottom to rinse. After rinsing, dry the inner tank, apply talcum powder and put the inner tank back into the fuselage.

【Personal Packing & USB Charging】The automatic strokers are charged through the USB port, and they can be easily charged with the USB charging cable. The automatic strokers are shipped in normal packaging, and there is no description on the packaging of the automatic strokers. So you don't have to worry about your privacy leaking.

Product basic parameters:

Charging time: 120 minutes

Working time: 60 minutes

Battery capacity: 1000mAh

Function: 3-speed vibration, 7 frequency stretching, female pronunciation, one-button switch

Charging: USB TYPE C charging

Product size: 25.4*9.52*8.5cm

Inner tank size: 15*8cm

Inner diameter: 3.8cm, suitable for penis diameter 3-5cm

Product net weight: 820g

Package weight: 1100g






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