Neck Collar Sex Toys for Couples Remote Control Electro Stimulation Electric Shock Penis Ring

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  • Product Name: Multi - function electric shock absorber

  • Can be 0-100 file to adjust the pulse intensity

  • 300 meters remote control

  • The function: vibration + electric shock + warning sound + LED flashlight

  • The power supply: remote control and receiver are charging mode

  • The charging time: fill 2-3 hours, full can, not too long time. Try not to wait a little electric just before the charge, so the battery voltage is too low, will be easily damaged, resulting in the receiver battery does not enter the power.

How to use the remote control:
  • Remote control with power-saving features, in the case of not used, 3 minutes or so automatically enter the shutdown state.

  • A remote control can simultaneously control the two receivers, press the 1/2 key to convert, select 1: control the first, select 2 to control the other one. Press the Mode key to switch between sound, vibration and electric shock, press the number plus / minus key to adjust the gear, press Y key to issue the instruction. (This section of a receiver, a necklace leather strap and scaffold nylon belt price)

How to use the receiver:
  • Receiver and remote control need to code to work. The code method is: press the power, the receiver is turned on, and then continue to press the power button, the green light will continue for 5 seconds, into the flashing state, this time within 10 seconds by pressing the remote control Y button to complete If you do not press Y within 10 seconds, repeat the above work.

Privacy Guaranteed:

  • Your privacy is the utmost importance to us. The default name on the package is "Flashlight"(any other requirements, please send us a message), and with our discreet packaging you can shop in confidence, the only person who knows what's inside the package is you!

Package Included:

  • 1 x Multi - function electric shock absorber set



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