Automatic Male Masturbator Cup with 7 Modes

Option1: black
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Production information

product material: ABS+TPE
Rated voltage: <7.4V
Noise index : <60dB
Product Specifications: 11*3.14in
Packing list: Host*1, suction cup*1, earphone*1, manual*1

Super thrill of 7 kinds of thrust rotation! 360 degree reversal explosion!

The maximum speed is 450 times/min, surpassing conventional products. The actual stroke width is about 5 cm, and the synergy of high-speed rotation while moving vertically and horizontally is a pleasant feeling.

See the inside of the engine through a transparent window! It's visually exciting to see the piston move when in use. You can watch the p*nis get licked by countless tentacle warts, enjoy the sizzling rub, and experience the super sex of spinning and thrusting!

Multi-layer helical particle channel Countless tentacle fold stimulation

It is a tentacle-type transparent cup with fine and many protruding particles, which feels quite exciting. The insertion port is elastic enough to hold the rod securely in the mouth. It has an internal structure dedicated to the thrust rotation function, and if you look closely, the tips of the protrusions are thin.

Since the protrusions are lined at the bottom, they poke into the glans when thrusting, giving the glans super cool stimulation.

The 360° variety of particles adapts to various movements, always achieves high-density entanglement, and enjoys a soft friction feeling.

How to use the base

1. Rotate the screw on the head of the base into the masturbation cup

2. Turn the knob in the middle to fix the angle

3. Turn the wrench at the bottom from left to right to fix the base on the floor, wall, etc.

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