Urethral Toy Urethral Stretching Sound Dilator Metal Electrical Stimulation

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Controller Material: ABS
Glans Cover Material: conductive silicone
Urethral Plug Material: Conductive stainless steel
Glans Cover Size: Adjustable
Plug Size: 6mm(Diameter)*120mm(Length)/0.24inch*4.7inch
Weight: 200g
Four Modes: Pulse/Numb/Absorb/Auto
Battery: 2x AAA(1.5V)(Not Include)
Package Includes:
1 * Controller
1 * Wire
1 * Silicone Glans Cover
1 * Stainless Steel Urethral Plug
1.Use water based lube on urethral Plug and glans cover for best results
2.Both the urethral Plug and the glans cover should be used at the same time to form a current loop, or they will not work.
3.Four modes available: pulse/numb/absorb/auto
4.The “S.M. Player” knob on the right side of the controller will adjust the current intensity.
5.The “Adjust” button controls the current pulse frequency.

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